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The Mezzo Restaurant

Opening hours

From 12.30am till 2.30pm

From 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Info & booking:
Reception: +39 02 38254


Every one of the five senses comes alive at the Mezzo restaurant, the ideal Milanese ambience in which to delight your palate and spirit at whatever time of day. Whether it’s a romantic tête-à-tête, an informal lunch, or dinner with friends, you’ll be enveloped in an elegant atmosphere. 

Whether it’s a traditional or innovative dish you crave, the Mezzo restaurant’s menu has something for everyone. At midday, dishes featuring the typical Mediterranean diet alternate with more exotic and unusual fare. The variety of flavours entice those looking for a light lunch, as well as those seeking a more substantial meal.

The wider dinner menu is also full of exquisite surprises: Italian cuisine at its best, exalting traditional Lombardy recipes crafted with raw materials from organic farms, locally sourced ingredients and Slow Food excellence.    

Seasonality, locally sourced, wholesome nutrients and the Chef’s creative flair are the perfect recipe to win over even the most demanding gourmet palate.

The Wine List is also worthy of note, rich with Italian wines and an abundance of labels from local winemakers who stand out for the extraordinary mastery of their fine art.

Meticulous attention is also paid to how the table is set and the beauty of the flatware, a harmonious whole reflecting the strong personality of the ambience, the perfect way to delight all the senses involved in enjoying a truly special meal.

During the year’s warmer months, dinner tables are set up in the dehors courtyard, where Marcantonio’s great Giraffe in Love sculpture provides delightful company, and where, during the cooler months of the year, the large windows create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.