Our story: a tale of high fashion and design.

The worlds of haute couture and contemporary design converge at the Hotel Indigo Milano, whose neighbourhood tells a far older tale: it was on Corso Monforte that the Journal of the Fashion of France and England or Giornale delle mode di Francia e d'Inghilterra, among the first industry publications of its kind in Europe, was launched. The neighbourhood, very near the fashion district, is the same in which talented artisanal tailors, the forbearers of the great stylists of our time, first set up shop. It is where such prestigious fashion brands as Armani, Prada and Dolce&Gabbana began their great maisons. It is where still today the world’s great music ateliers and design stores thrive. 

It is why, inside and all around the elegant historic building from the 1800s that is home to the Hotel Indigo Milano, just a short walk from the Lucio Fontana Foundation and the Tiepolo ceiling of Palazzo Isimbardi, creativity and inspiration weave in and out of one another in an intriguing dance as old as art itself. The hotel engages in dialogue with the liveliest and most integral part of Milan, it offers you a most memorable stay, whether it’s the thrill of returning, or that of the first visit.